The end justifies the means

Author: Vero
Translator: Diego and Nacho
Beta: Irene

We want to say thank to all those that send feedbacks for this story. And thanks to WWK-list too for help to us to learn each day more and more new english words.


A distant, remote part of my mind was trying to send me a message, trying to communicate something of importance to me, but the hammering located deeply inside my cranium was so agonizing that I found it impossible to concentrate on anything.

I was feeling as if someone had tried to cut my head, as if... Toby had tried to fulfill his threat. I lifted my hand to touch my bandaged head, and I did not like it. Looking forward, I was aware of what was surrounding me. I was feeling totally foreign, a strange mix of science-fiction and reality. Strange instruments were hanging off the walls and the roof, adorned with thousands of goatees, keys and screens of oscilloscopes. Their beeping reminded me of submarine sonar - they were mixed in a symphony with the rhythmic click-clack of other strange devices and the drowned sobs of some mother reclined on a bed, in a corner.

At my side, I could see a person in a bed, who was lying immobile, covered with bandages and connected by plastic pipes to the flasks that were hanging off the supports. The mixture of everything was producing the sensation of being in an ambient mystery of another planet .My head was killing me, and I was feeling a twinge in my right eye.

- Good, Mr. Seaborn, - exclaimed a voice by my left side. I turned my head slowly and though my vision was a bit turbid, I met a smiling face of a nurse, - welcome to the world of the living. You have given us a good fright!

Even perplexed, I tried to return her smile and to read the name that the nurse was wearing on her badge. "Miss Raquel Harrison Unidad of Intensive Therapy" was getting me confused all the more.

- How do you feel?

I moved slowly and had a uncomfortable sensation between my legs. I realized that the had placed a probe. I was feeling totally confused. Somehow I returned to the hospital.

- Where am I? It is recovery? Why am I here?

- No, you are in Intensive Therapy. Don't you remember anything about yesterday?

- I don't think so, - my voice sounded unsteady.

And suddenly my subconscious started saying to me what I had been trying to say when I woke up. And somehow I started to remember some things vaguely, Toby and Josh annoyed, the trip from the Hospital to the White House and that I was ready to give a conference to the press. But, that was all, nothing more, it was as if a curtain had fallen down before my memory. I remembered absolutely nothing else

- Wait I'll call Dr. Clattenberg, heīs anxious to see you, he was your attendant and he'll explain.

I sighed and closed my eyes. Well, I was in the hospital; nobody enjoys a stay in the hospital, and I already had entered two times in at least 24 hour. The beat in my head had been converted into an agony of pulsation...

- Do you want a consultation?

I opened my eyes and in front of my eyes appeared Doctor Craig Clattenberg.

- Good, - he said happily, - you became one of our better clients. Do you know how much your bill is for the seams alone? We are going to have to apply reduced tariffs... How are you doing, Mr. Seaborn? - he said to me, sitting down on the side of the bed.

- I feel like someone had opened my head.

- Good, we did something like that, we have realized three holes in the parietal right. We extracted enough blood. Do you remember anything?

- No, - I said.

- You came in here sleepy, sick and one of your pupils was dilated. We did not wait for the x-rays, we did the holes immediately.

-Oh, - I said, - when I will get out of here?

- Three or four days maximum.

- Is it a joke? Four days?

- An epidural is slightly serious. Besides we want to make sure you are going to rest.

- There is no another possibility?

- Well, I always believed that doctors were the bad patients, but I think now that lawyers are bad too. You are a lawyer, arenīt you ?

- Yes, - I answered, reclining in the pillow, exhausted and closing my eyes trying to relieve the headache. I heard the voice of the doctor again.

- I know that you are in pain, but unfortunately I cannot give you more morphine.

- Aspirin?

- It is good, you can take some aspirin.

- Thank you.

- Well, Mr. Seaborn, this time I assure you that you are not escaping from the hospital. Your co-workers spent the whole night here. And then they have called every hour. They are worried about you.

- I do not doubt it

- Good. I will be going to call them and say that you have woken up. And as soon as you look like a human being I will give them authorization to see you. And, Sam...

- Yes?

- Look after yourself, I would hate to lose a patient as good as you, - he began to laugh and went out of the room.

I slept a good while, and later Toby came into the room to see me. Initially, he tried to look angry, but it didn't last very long; certainly he told me that I was a fool, and later he relaxed.

In a while, the police came and I simulated sleep until they left. CJ came at night and told to me that everything with Morgan Ross was fine. I asked how everything was going, she smiled, did not say anything to me, but gave to me a kiss and tucked me in, waiting
for me to fall asleep.

The notion of the time is not present in a hospital. One day happens after another; the routine - the temperature, the food, the visits of the doctor, more temperature, more food - that is all. Toby was coming
to see me every day as well as the others. And the police; only this time I could not pretend to be asleep. I told them everything I knew and they annotated it.

Towards the end of the second day, I felt better. I was feeling stronger with a clearer head, and I slept much less. I said it to the doctor and he smiled and said that I should wait a day more. In the evening, Josh came to see me.

- Hello, - I said. He looked at me from the foot of the bed and shook his head.

- It hurts very much?

- Not anymore.

- Nice fright you gave us.

- Everything is already over. In a sense, it was interesting. It is my first hematoma epidural.

Josh did not say anything, only looked at me. And then he said:

- The police have the whole complete story.

- They verified something?.

- Yes, they found a person with your wallet. He said that he had found it, but they found that he had the weapon with which he hurt you in his apartment. It was a razor.

- Wow.

- Besides there was a witness. He says that you fought against the man. It had should have been a very agreeable scene - you with the fists and he with a razor.

- The witness said it?

- Yes, and you do not remember anything!

I nodded, then I asked:

- What happened with Morgan Ross?

- Well, he looked for publicity and he obtained it. But CJ thinks his 15 seconds of fame are gone. The next time he will think of a better way of achieving his goals.

- You don't mean she made him cry and told it to his mom?

- Donīt ask, - said Josh with a big smile, -it went in that way , she took care of everything and already now it is old news, - and he threw me several newspapers. I looked for some news especially for this incident. There wasn't any. Only some sensationalist story and criticizm on the movie " The prince of New York ". I smiled.

The third day of my stay in the hospital, I was insisting to the doctor until finally he agreed to let me to go. They discharged me at half past three in the afternoon, Toby brought me some clothes and we drove to my house in his car. On the way, I said:

- Turn right at the corner.

- Why?

- I want to see something.

- Sam... - started Toby but I cut him off.

- Come on Toby, it won't take long.

He frowned, but he did as I asked. I directed him up to coming to the movie theater and saw with pleasure that the movie Prince of New York was being extracted off the billboard.

Nobody paid attention to me while I watched them unhook the cartel. They had done this work thousands of times now. For them, it was only they daily work. I looked at Toby and told him that he could drive on. We followed our way, and in a moment the whole matter left my memory. I never thought about it again..




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