The End Justifies the Means 2
by Vero and Diego

- That's it. That's it, boy.

Somebody was rising. I was in a car and he lifted me. My arms were on
somebody's shoulder, and I walked. Lights before me. A sign.
"Emergency room." A sign with blue letters. In the door, a nurse.

- Slowly, boy, calmly.

My head hung down my chest. I tried to speak, but my mouth was too
dry. I was thirsty and terribly cold. I looked at the man that helped
me, at a man with an almost bald head and a beard. 'TOBY?'  I tried to
incorporate, so that he wouldn't have to support my weight, but my
knees didn't stay straight, and I was trembling.

- Calm down, everything's gonna be okay... We're doing well.

His  voice was encouraging. The nurse advanced under the light that
the sign emited, saw me and entered the building.

Two doctors came and each one took my arm. They were strong, I was
lifted to my feet, touching the pavement. I felt the rain in the nape
of my back when my head fell forward. The bald man walked ahead
to open the door.

They helped me enter where the atmosphere was warm. They put me on a
padded table, maybe a stretcher, and began to take off my clothes,
but as they were wet and soaked with blood, they stuck to my body
and, finally, they had to cut them off with scissors. It was a
difficult operation and it took them a long time.

I kept my eyes closed because the lights that were focused on me were
painfully brilliant.

- Get a blood count and find out the group, – one of the doctors
said, – and bring a suture case to room two.

They were moving my head, I felt the hands and the tight gauzes
vaguely against my skin. My forehead was cold and insensitive.  They
had undressed me completely. They dried me with a rough towel and
wrapped me in a sheet; later they transferred me to another padded
table. I began to turn looking for the lobby. I opened my eyes and
saw the bald man looking at me.

- Where did you find him? – one of the doctors asked.

- On a car. He was tossed on a car. I saw him and thought that he was
be some drunk. Half his body was on  the roadway and I stopped to
take out it of there, fearing he'd be run over. Then I saw that he
was a man well-dressed and all bloodstained.  I didn't know what had
happened, but he had bad aspect; so I brought him here.

- Don't you have a clue of what happened?

- Well, if you ask me, I will say it looks like he was beaten.

- He doesn't have a wallet, – the doctor said. – Does he owe you
money for the trip?

- Itīs all right, forget it. – the bald man said.

- I am sure that he will want to pay you.

- Leave it, that's okay. Now I will leave, – the taxi driver said.

- It is better if you leave your name at the  counter, – the intern

But the man had already left.

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