The end justifies the means 3
By vero and Diego

They took me, in a stretcher, to a blue room. In it,there was a lit surgical lamp. Some people turned to look at me. I saw hands with gloves and faces with masks on.

- We will stop that hemorrhage, - said the doctor. - Then we will take some x-rays, - he looked at me - Did you waken up, Mr..?.

I agreed and tried to speak.

- Don't speak. You can have a broken jaw. First,we will close that wound you have in your forehead, and later we will see.

The nurse wet my face first with an antiseptic. The spong was bloodstained.

- Now alcohol, - she said, - it is possible that it may burn you a little.

The doctors spoke to each other, looking at the wound.

- You can write a superficial wound of six centimeters in the right temple.

The doctor maintained the suture curved needle in a carries needles. The nurse went back and he stepped in her place near my head.

I waited for pain, but it was nothing more than a slight jab in my forehead. The doctor that was sewing said, - It is a clean and sharp incision. It almost seems surgical.

- Cold weapon?

- It could be, but I doubt it.

The nurse put a tourniquet on my arm and extracted blood.

- It is better that you also give him the antitetanic serum, - said one doctor, while he made the suture, - and an injection of penicillin, - and he told me, - close your eyes once to say "Yes" and twice to say "No". Are you allergic to the penicillin?

I closed my eyes once.

- Are you sure?

I closed them twice.

- That's right, - said the doctor.

He returned to the suture. The nurse gave me two injections. The other doctor examined my body without saying anything.

I lost consciousness again. When I opened my eyes, I saw a great apparatus of X-rays above my head.

Somebody was saying, "Slowly, slowly", in an irritated voice.

And again I was unconscious.

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