The end justifies the means 7

I found the scent of the chemical sterilizers exceptionally strong and felt nervous; I let loose my
tie and unbuttoned my shirt. How could I put on a suit?. A group of people passed by us, transporting a
patient that went on making arcades. One of the male nurses that pushed the stretcher sustained his chin
back; his head was a nightmare of bandages.

- We're here, - the doctor told me.

I stopped a moment before the door, making an effort to keep caom. Sam knew me well. And he would know
that something bad was happening. I didn't want to hide anything from him; I learned the lesson of the
drop-in, but how could I explain to him something that I didn't know...

The doctor opened the door and I entered. The room was darker than the corridor; there was a night light
near the floor, I waited until eyes got used to the darkness, while I remained on foot, trying to embrace
the scene.

The doctor walked in, looked at me, nodded and went back to the door.

I saw him leave and advanced quietly into the room, with eyes fixed on sleeping Sam's face.

He was laid on several pillows. When coming closer, I was impressed by his aspect. In contrast with the healthy semblance that was Sam earlier today, he was pale, eyes surrounded by black circles, fresh bruises from the blow, the swollen cheek; on his lip there was a dry secretion. And on his forehead he had a wide bandage. Coming closer to the bed. And the knot in my stomach that had formed when Dr. Javis called became tighter.

Sam didn't move, his blanket had slipped to a side, one of his hands was crossed on his stomach. I could
see that he was dressed in one of those hospital robes, tied at the nape and cut at the thighs. Later I took the charge of joking on that.

I stood, observing Sam, for a moment. I fought to maintain my emotions in check. I felt a desire to shake him by the shoulder so that he'd wake up and speak to me, but I fixed the blanket and separated the hair that was tangled on his forehead.

Take a seat next to the wall and bring it near Samīs bed.

And I sat down, waiting for Sam to wake up.

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