The end justifies the means part 8

I was sleeping like a log when the telephone rang. I lifted the handset on the first ring, in an instinctive way, while Joey Lucas' report on the last statistics, that had made me fall asleep, fell to the floor from the bed.

- God, what .. is it?...Who is?

CJ's voice came out from the apparatus: - Josh,something has happened to Sam...

- What? - Her voice sounded desperate.

-Yes, Josh, wake up, Toby is at the GW Hospital, he is waiting for you. Sorry but I donīt know a lot. He will explain everything there.

-Hmm... CJ?

- Josh, I should make other calls, Toby will explain to you, now go, - she screamed.

- CJ...

- Josh, now!

Then I heard a strong noise... she cut me off.

I hung up and began to put on my pants, shirt and shoes. I ran toward the door and walked to the elevator, while I finished buckling up the pants-belt. I pressed the button and heard the buzzing of the electric motor. Frustrated by the slowness of the elevator, I hit the door with my hand.

I had little information, CJ had not said a lot.

Fighting, in its last mechanical efforts, the elevator arrived and the door hid inside the wall. I entered, pressed the button and waited impatiently for the lazy beast to take me to the ground floor.

The elevator finally brought me to the ground. I crossed the corridor quickly and looked for a taxi.

-To the GW Hospital, quickly.

With a constant and oblique rain falling through the brilliant
splendor of its lights, the taxi slipped inside the driveway of the hospital, creaking when hitting the curve, then braked abruptly and
stopped in front of the main door.

I jumped out of the taxi and gave the pay to the driver; I didn't know how much money I gave him. Hastily, I ran towards the mechanical doors.

I walked to the counter and opened my mouth to speak, when I was pushed by an obese woman.

-Nurse, how much longer should I wait for the doctor?

- Not long, Ma'am.., there is a backlog, but he will assist you shortly, please have a seat.

- My God! - she shouted.

-Excuse me, – I said, – I need to know where Sam Seaborn is, he was brought in today...

- Donīt be rude! - exclaimed the obese woman. - I was speaking. As I was saying, I need urgently to go to proctology...

- One moment, Ma'am,– the nurse interrupted her.

- This is unacceptable!

- Mrs. Seaborn is in room 1403, in the first floor.

- Thank you, - I said.

And I ran towards where she pointed me.

I hate hospitals; if Dante knew the GW, he would have given it a place of honor in his hell. How I had hated those interned days. Once I watched a movie that reminded me of the hospitals - "The prosses " of Kafka, in which the characters were always traveling corridors without end. Such is a hospital: endless corridors; it makes a career of putting up obstacles. I was walking those corridors full of carts with foods, medicines, and dirty sheets.

Damned hospitals, where is room 1403?



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