The End justifies the means 9


I finished talking with CJ, closed my eyes and eased my forehead onto my hand. I wanted to leave running and kill that bastard; I opened my eyes again and saw Toby in the corridor.

When Toby is mad, he grinds his teeth, and speaks in a monotonous tone. I did not doubt CJ also spoke with him.

- Imbecile, damned imbecile! –I heard him mumble. And he hit the wall of the corridor with both fists; the somber oil portraits of old directors dressed in academic gowns trembled on them. I walked closer to him and saw the number of the room 1403, there Sam was supposed to be.

- If I lived a hundred years, I could not find a single decent journalist, never, they don't exist... bastard idiots full of shit, stupid, damned bastards... – Toby said, – they are also guilty and I would squash their brains, their damned brains...

Toby gestured, looking towards the roof as if he were speaking to God. God, as all the other ones, had already heard him at other times. The same anger, the same gritten teeth and the same expressions; He gave a furious look and noticed my presence. We looked at each other, he knew that I already knew it.

- Today Sam did a good job, Josh! – he told me,furious.

I saw him kick a waste basket, which loudly rolled across the floor. I stopped it with my foot.

- Stupid, bastard fools, – he continued saying.

He stood up and went slowly towards the door where Sam was resting. He seemed to hesitate, with his body curved and his shoulders sunken. He raised his arms and rested both hands on the door of Samīs room,
resting his body, lowered his head and murmured:

- He did a good job.

I looked out the window at the dense traffic tha moved slowly below. I turned my back to the window and came closer to Toby, now calmer.

- Are you better, Toby? - I asked him placing a handon his back.

- Yes, thank you, – he mumbled between his teeth.

- This is so absurd, - I said.

- Yes, - he responded sharply. - Let's go in to seeif he already woke up.

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