Title: Things you never knew about Sam Seaborn Part 1

Category: it's a Sam story, as you can see by the title. General (CJ is in this story too, but it is not a romance)

Rating: G/ maybe PG there is a little language

Summary: who would have guessed?

Name: Venus

Disclaimer-Characters belong to Aaron Sorkin. No copyright infringement is
intended. Any similarity to events or persons living or dead is purely

Notes: The dialogue is a bit rough, and this is my first go at fan fiction, but here it is. I had a class in quantum mechanics today and I got a whim....

Please let me know what you think.


"There are a lot of things about me you guys don't know..."

"Oh really?" said CJ laughing at Sam. She pulled her chair closer to Sam's both to make sure he didn't fall out of his chair and because she was very interested. Liquor was like a truth serum for Sam. The last time they had gone out together she had learned some very intriguing things about Josh and Toby.

"Yes. When you look at me all you see is Sam Seaborn, a friendly, calm...."

"Don't forget socially inept!" CJ piped up, laughing. It was amazing really, Even when Sam was extremely intoxicated, he did not slur his words or have any difficulty formulating coherent sentences. One time she had asked him about it and he had told her it was because he had a very ordered mind, whatever that meant.

"Okay," she promised wickedly. "I will use this opportunity to learn more about you, Sam. What subject is your B.A. from Princeton in?"

"I don't have a B.A. from Princeton," he said smiling smugly.

"What? But I thought..." hell, there really were some things she didn't know about him.

"I have a B.S. in Quantum Physics and Mathematics."

"You do not, Samuel Norman Seaborn! Prove it. Show me some quantum, whatever..."

"Okay." He took a pen from his pocket and scribbled an equation on one of the napkins from the bar.
[-(h/2p)²/2m ?² + V] ? = i(h/2p) d?/dt

CJ looked on confused, however even in his completely inebriated state, he began to explain. "This is just Schrödinger's equation. Here, to simplify, look at it in a form that is time independent and single dimensional." He wrote on the napkin once again

[-(h/2p²)/2m d²/dx² + V] ?= E?

"Oh yeah, that really helps clarify it for me." CJ said sarcastically. "Look at you, you are completely unbelievable..."

"I am happy to be able to help you understand wave functions," he said, somewhat dazed.

"Mathematics too?" asked CJ incredulously, still not fully processing this new revelation. "Damn, now I know who I am going to force to do my tax returns. What made you choose law school and this..." she questioned, gesturing around her to the smoke-filled bar scene. "Over some particle accelerator?"

"A bet." He answered simply.

"Sam, you became a Lawyer at Gage Whitney because of a bet?!?"

"Yes" he responded calmly. "I once remarked to a friend who was majoring in political science that I had read that Math majors tended to do extremely well on the LSAT. Male pride being what it is, one thing led to another... ultimately I ended up claiming that due to my scientific training I could probably walk into the test cold and score higher than she could, though she had been planning to go to law school most of her life."

"Well..? Did she slap you upside the head for being a pompous bastard?" CJ prompted, anxious to hear the rest of the story.

"I got a perfect score on the LSAT."

"Then why did you go to Duke Law School? no offense," she said quickly...."But, I mean if you got a perfect score you could have gone to Yale or Harvard."

"Because of my friend. I loved her, and she was great in bed."

"You know Sam, I am also great in bed." CJ countered jokingly.

"So I hear," said Sam.

"They should change your secret service code name to Einstein," CJ said whimsically.

Just then Sam slid out of the chair and onto his ass.

"Then again, maybe not."

 Chapter 2


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