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For the submission of new stories, please refer to the National Library at http://national-library.net

In regards to posting a story already in progress on the West Wing Fanfic Archive, please contact the webmaster  


Guidelines for posting stories already in progress

I do not post any slash or sexually explicit stories on this site. (No NC-17)

I do not read nor beta stories before I post them - I'm a lone sailor on this big ol' boat and unfortunately do not have the time to go over every story with a fine comb - but I do review them to make sure that the rating is appropriate.  I count on you to make sure that your stories are in a presentable format -

Your name is associated with it, not mine! 

Review your stories before submitting them!


When submitting a story, I require the following information:

- Title (very important)

- Category (General - Couples: Josh/Donna, Sam/Mallory, CJ/Toby, Jed/Abbey, etc or in any other combination imaginable.)

- Rating (G, PG, PG-13, R)

- Short summary (It can be a few simple words that summarize your story - or simply a little teaser.)

- Author's name (Some people prefer to use nicknames when posting their stories, simply indicate that to me.)



When sending me your story, either add it as a Word document attachment to the email or simply include it in the body of the email.  If you have a HTML document, that is fine as well.  Do not copy the HTML coding into the body of the email.  It doesn't work...believe me! <VBG>


Reviewing before submitting

I don't have the time to review or read every story submitted unfortunately.  Therefore, when submitting your story, it's important to review it to make sure that there aren't any flagrant typo, spelling or grammatical mistakes and that the formatting is the way you want it.  Something I highly recommend in regards to this is a Beta-Reader.

As a writer myself, I've come to the delightful conclusion that Betas are indispensable and are some of the nicest people you can find out there.  Find a good beta, make a friend for life! :)  Or ask a friend, make a beta for life! (Does that make any sense? <VBG>)  For those who aren't familiar with the term "Beta-Reader", they are people who go over your story to correct any written mistakes before submitting it.  Depending on the person, they also offer suggestions, ideas or comments that can only make your story that much better!